“How long are you going to let them push you around”?-Jim Morrison

If you want to stop suffering like the suffering in Haiti …then you need to start waking up to the fact that every single thing in our lives…money,entertainment, and environment is being controlled by a few thousand people. There is indeed technology that can create any type of natural disaster and your willingness to look the other way or to not ask why is what is allowing these monstrosities to happen. There is so much effing evidence out there that proves that everything you have heard about weather control, sleeper assassins, and the like are true!! You guys dont even care to ask WHY when they tell us that a projected swirl in Norway in December, done by HAARP would be dismissed as a rocket launch gone bad in Russia when anyone could clearly see with their own eyes that the spiral projected in the Sky in Norway looked NOTHING like a failed rocket Launch.So many people made videos comparing the projection in Norway to a failed missile launch..but instead of challenging what we were told we just said ok…and ignored something so huge!
EVERYTHING on TV is designed to distract you….you people are to complacent and I am just starting to get so annoyed….you are smart people why are you letting others control you? Why are you giving away your money in taxes and then not concerned with where your money is going? Why are you watching the news and becoming so entranced by someones personality that you arent daring to write a letter to the media outlets and letting them know that you arent a fucking idiot and that you are sick of being lied to? Why are you afraid to stand up for your brothers and sisters and more importantly why are you afraid to stand up for yourself? I hope you all enjoy the mess you have created for yourself…be grateful for the conspiracy theorist who will be saving your ass in the end…Who are fighting against the depopulation of humanity….because you know what, you may think being an affluent white person in America is going to save you but it most certainly wont. They want you dead too. You are nothing but a servant rat to them…your life means nothing to them…and they will continue to rule every part of your existence for as long as you continue to hand over your soul to them in exchange for some money and imaginary power. If you are offended by this I am sorry and you are probably someone that needed to see this….its called tough love…and If I didnt care for you people I wouldnt get so pissed off when I see you giving away your rights as a human of this planet.

“You all are a bunch of Fucking Slaves. How long are you going to let them push you around”? -Jim Morrison @ the Infamous Miami Concert.


~ by erikainyourface on January 19, 2010.

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