“In you’re Face” America

I dont know why I must have a bug up my behind because I am really upset over the Adam Lambert controversy and now I guess Perez Hilton was censored for jokingly putting his head near Alexa Chung privets
This is ridiculous and I think all of us need to write to CNN here…
To encourage them to bring this issue to attention because it is unfair and can be seen as direct attack on the gay community…go to my profile to watch the MTV video I am talking about. That ABDC is the one thing that will shut up these people.

The bases of this comes from an episode of MTVs dance show “America’s Next Best Dance Crew” I saw whith my now 10 year old nephew at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  You can watch the video here…..


As you can see there was some simulated blow jobs going on in this routine and yet no one said anything about this. Interesting.

I don’t normally get involved in this type of controversy but when I see people just down right being hypocritical and so obviously attacking a certain subculture I see it a necessity that we stand up for our brothers and sisters.  We would expect the same from others so why not do for people what we would like done for us.  Start making noise about this one because this is an issue of civil rights .


~ by erikainyourface on December 9, 2009.

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