Illuminati is soooooooooooooo five mins ago.

So this is a letter I wrote yesterday (12/7/09) to a pretty influential person as far as conspiracy theories are concerned. I was starting to become uneasy with all the fear based illuminati propaganda going on…and the target of my frustration was this website

I don’t know why I am writing you about this (I wrote the guy too but the responds was not very nice at all) but this guy really bothers me because all though his information is good, he always makes sure to put a jab at the american people assuming that no one but his few followers are aware of this symbolism in music and other popular culture media.

” About 97% of educated adults are totally unaware of the existence of mind control (let alone its symbolism), so to expect young kids know about this is totally absurd.” -the vigilant citizen

I wonder if this guy realizes he is spreading a message of fear rather than actually helping people. I wonder if his readers realize he is using that website as a plat form to prove some self-importance to him self and comes off just as elitist as these secret societies he accuses.

I guess I am bothered because I don’t want people thinking that this is something that they should be overly concerned about and that it is going to make them better than everyone because they have some privy information. I feel like it is a huge step backwards when we all go back to fear based conspiracies and elitist attitudes.

And one thing never brought up is that these anti-Illuminati websites have in the past year changed from saying the agenda of this group was to get all of us to worship the earth instead of god…to now their agenda is staging an alien invasion to have us all accept a united nation and a take over of the world… In my opinion this has already been accomplished and isn’t the point to love they neighbor anyways? Maybe if they read this article

they would see that even the VATICAN is admitting to ETs …..blah anyways thank you for letting me vent. I see alot of these sites and I think people who read them should know that the buck doesn’t stop there and that they don’t have to go out buy guns and build bunkers in Iowa.

in my own assumption that you are into this… another contradiction from that website is that he recommends to his readers to read “The Secret Doctrine” ..I wonder if he has read this

I would be really more than happy to write an article for your website pointing out the contradictions made by these fear based anti-Illuminati sites so that your readers aren’t scared and confused. I think its safe to say that when we go down that rabbit hole it can become so overwhelming to the point that people can feel paralyzed. I have been there and locked myself away for months thinking that all my friends were evil and Monarch handlers. It’s sick and I don’t want anyone else new to this subculture to go through that.

Again thank you for reading this and if your not into me writing the article for you could you PLEASE address this issues as its own article on Divine Cosmos if you haven’t already. Alot of my friends are finding these anti-Illuminati websites on their own and coming to me scared…I just don’t want people to be mislead. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Later in the evening I visited this persons site and found that he had already addressed this issue earlier this month.

If you are scared of secret societies, Illuminati, or any catastrophe theories on 2012 you MUST MUST MUST read this….

It is very long it took me a few hours to finish it because I have slight ADD but what ever you do make sure you read the whole thing and you will see that there is nothing to fear.

Also I googled “Ignoring children’s Bad Behavior” because I got the feeling that we may be in a similar position with the illuminati as some parents are when their children act out….the following is from and I think it’s a perfect metaphor on how we should start treating these groups and fear based propaganda.

What can I do to change my child’s behavior?
Children tend to continue a behavior when it is rewarded and stop a behavior when it is ignored. Consistency in your reaction to a behavior is important because rewarding and punishing the same behavior at different times confuses your child. When your child’s behavior is a problem, you have 3 choices:
Decide that the behavior is not a problem because it’s appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development.Attempt to stop the behavior, either by ignoring it or by punishing it.Introduce a new behavior that you prefer and reinforce it by rewarding your child.How do I stop misbehavior?
The best way to stop unwanted behavior is to ignore it. This way works best over a period of time. When you want the behavior to stop immediately, you can use the time-out method.

Also it is said that right now there is an alliance being formed militarily that is being put in place to rid the world of illuminati domination once and for all. This alliance is with the most influential countries of our planet. Please read the following articles to get some insight on this…

All and all what is important is that we keep in mind that the reason for fear propaganda is because OUR collective consciousness is the most powerful force we have. Without it the groups like Illuminati can not operate. All the conspiracies about these group were to show people that we have (have being past tense) been manipulated into being miserable and Dependant. But guess what we are ALL smarter than that and these tactics aren’t working a whole we are moving into a higher vibrational consciousness , we are evolving and the need for control and misery is no longer relevant to us.
Because of this change in thought and attitude, these groups are loosing power.


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